The 3D-Project "Reich Chancellery-3D" has the goal to present the entire construction history of the Berlin Reich Chancellery. To achieve that, in future all building sections of the chancellery, the buildings which were demolished to construct her extensions and all the buildings which used to neighbour the Reich Chancellery will be digitally reconstructed for this project. After the completed reconstruction it will be possible to understand the entire building history beginning with the first sketches made in 1733 until the present day.  Since 2003 Christoph Neubauer recreates the Reich Chancellery in a computer - model. By now he collected more than 9.000 original construction plans and photographs of the Chancellery and more than 22.000 of her direct neighbouring buildings. This archive is the foundation of Neubauer's recreation and his scientific work regarding this important building of German history. Here on this webpage one can follow up the actual work in progress 3D-images rendered directly out of the 3D-model. There are also short descriptions of the shown building sections for background information.

To view the 3D-stereoscopic images Anaglyph Red/Cyan - Glasses are needed.